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Why Should You Put Your Child in Classes at our Studio?

When you choose to put your child in dance class, you’ll see their self-confidence, joy, and sense of belonging flourish. At SDA, our students not only receive quality training and professional performing experiences but also learn to develop important life skills as well. Learning to be respectful, confident, and conscientious youth who share their gifts and talents with the community.

Our mission is to grow each student that walks through our door in their dance and acrobatic training but more importantly in their relationships, experiences and opportunities with our studio. We are committed to the individual journey of each child, helping them become an amazing person inside and out. We know you will find that Shapes is the place you start and the place you grow. Come be a part of our SDA family.

We want SDA to become your second home!

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1. Select Your Child’s Classes

Look through our schedule and class descriptions to the the right fit for your child.

2. Reserve a Spot in Class

Our classes can fill up fast so be sure to reserve your child’s spot

3. Watch Your Child Thrive

Watch your child’s self-confidence, happiness, and sense of belonging grow after taking their first classes

“Dance and gymnastics along with meeting new people has brought my daughter so much more out of her shell! Not only the physical aspects it has taught her life skills already at such a young age. Hard work, the sacrifice and determination has not only taught her it has taught myself! Mrs. Tracey is awesome and we love her!!” -Maria Beck Mom at SDA

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As a parent, we know you want to do everything you can to ensure your child is happy, healthy, and thriving.

The problem is, there is an overwhelming amount of choices available when it comes to picking an activity that will benefit your child the way you’re hoping for and will also fit into your busy schedule. This can be extremely stressful for parents who are just trying to do the best they can.

At SDA we believe every child deserves the opportunity to be in an activity that helps them thrive, which is why we have been offering dance classes for kids of all ages for over 25 years and have been able to impact x people in the community through dance.

Here’s how your family can become a part of our community, too:

1. Pick your child’s dance class

2. Reserve your child’s spot in class

3. Watch your child thrive


So, register for classes today. And in the meantime, check out “The Benefits of Dance” and take a trial class so you can stop wondering if you’re doing the right thing for your child and instead see their self-confidence, joy, and sense of belonging flourish


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